Hans Gottschling has been in business for over forty five years, making a well-fitting boat cover first for his own boat and then for other club members who wanted an excellent cover too. Word spread fast and Hans has been providing quality covers for boat owners across Canada and the United States ever since.

Our covers protect the whole boat. They fit over the boom and have an eight to ten inch overhang over the gunwhale. There is a zipper from the mast collar to the forestay and a drawstring with some shock-cord in the hem. There are also collars on the stays, closed with dome fasteners (snaps). Everything is snugly protected with a good fit. We take pride in our workmanship!

We can get one of our quality made boat covers out to you quickly no matter where you are. We make boat covers for most One Design Dinghies, available in a selection of fabrics. Unless specified otherwise, our covers are made using Sunbrella. With care, tied down properly, your Gottschling Boat Cover will last for many years.

Standard Storage Covers – At the Club, At the Cottage

Every Gottschling Boat Cover has a drawstring in the hem with a length of shock-cord in the back, to be tied at the bow. Zippers are covered. On our standard cover the zipper goes from the mast to the bow. Shroud collars are closed with dome fasteners (snaps). There are grommets in our standard cover for tie-downs.

A: With the mast up, the boom in the sailing position on the mast and supported on the stern (see diagram at right).

B: Mast suspended over the boat, mast supported on the mast carrier of the trailer and on the transom of the boat (see diagram at left).

Boom Tent Cover For Camping etc.

As with our standard covers, our boom tent boat cover has a drawstring in the hem with a length of shock-cord in the back, to be tied at the bow. Zippers are covered. There is a zipper on the port side of the boom tent. A second zipper is optional - contact us for details. The boom tent and shroud collars are closed with dome fasteners (snaps). We supply the base to be screwed in underneath the gunwhale of the boat. The boom tent has a screen window in the back, covered by a canvas flap (see back view - far right).

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